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Terms and conditions of Use

The website www.loconteandpartners.it (hereinafter the “Site”) is an on-line information service provided by Loconte & Partner’s Legal and Tax Firm (hereinafter “the Firm”). The consultation of the site involves the implicit acceptance of the terms and conditions of use below specified. If you don’t wish to agree to these terms we ask not to visualize the webpage and not to download any material or content from it.

Materials and Contents of the site

The materials and the contents of the webpage are under the ownnership of the Firm and are produced by internal sources of it. What is published on the website in no way constitutes an advertising, prohibited in accordance with the Article 17, 17 bis and 18 of the Lawyers Code of Professional Conduct. Moreover, the materials and the contents on the Site haven’t a frequency, so they don’t represent an “editorial product”.


The purposes of the website are providing information about the Firm, its activities and the services offered. The purposes include efficient means of support for the pursuit of the professional activity and for an expert and personalized assistance to the customers, also through the access to the reserved area.

Limits on the use

The materials and the contents on the Site may not be in any way copied, reproduced, transmetted, uploaded, published or distributed even only partially, without the prior written consent of the Firm. It remais understood that it is possible to download the above-mentioned materials and contents on your computer or printing some extracts of the pages of the Site only for a personal and/or a professional use, where it is duly permitted and authorized by the Firm and anyway within the constraints imposed by the Firm itself.

Limits to liability

The information provided herein is given in good faith and it is believed to be accurated by the Firm as they respond to the requirements of reliability, propriety, accuracy and currency to the gratest possible extent.
However the Firm does not guarantee the regular update of them, although it reserves the right of modifying at any time and at its sole discretion the materials, the contents and the functional and operational conditions of the Site without a prior notification. Moreover, the Firm has got no responsibilities for any errors or inaccuracies of the information contents for reasons not depending on the Firm itself. Furthermore it is not responsible for any damages deriving from possible interruptions, suspensions, delays or anomalies of the Site service distribution, owing to the electricity supply, the telephone service, the malfunctioning of the net or any other reason not depending on the Firm.

Third party Sources

If the published information on the Site are provided by third party sources, the Firm is not responsible for its content, completeness, truthfulness and updating. The user who decides to visit an internet website linked to the Site, does so at his own risk and responsibility of taking all necessary measures against viruses or other destructive elements.

Use of the Site outside Italy or by foreign citizens who are resident in Italy.

The Firm does not make any representation as to the suitability or the availability of the materials, the contents or any document on the Site of being used outside Italy or also by foreign citizens who are resident in Italy. If the user decides to access the Site, he does so on his own initiative and at his total risk. The user who accesses the Site shall be exclusively responsible for respecting the national laws of the place where he is located and to the extent that they can be applicable. Specifically he shall respect all the current regulations regarding the transmission of data exported from Italy.


In accessing the Site, the user agrees to fully indemnify and to hold the Site harmless from and against any claim brought by a third party resulting from the use of the Site and in respect of all losses, costs, actions, proceedings, claims, damages, expenses (including legal costs and expenses) or liabilities suffered or incurred directly or indirectly by the Firm as a consequence of such a use of the Site or of breach or non-observance of any of these terms and conditions by the user.

Law and Jurisdiction

Terms and conditions of use of the Site are governed by Italian law. The court of Milan has jurisdiction and exclusive competence for any disputes arising out of those terms and conditions of use. Nevertheless, when necessary, the Firm reserves the right to take legal proceedings in countries other than Italy or in cities other than Milan to protect its interests and to respect its rights.