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The Law Firm

Loconte & Partners main purpose is to offer its clients a multidisciplinary approach with a strong international propensity. The Law Firm, with offices in Bari, Rome, Milan and Padua, has developed specific skills in tax and legal consultancy.

The above mentioned activity permits us to establish and to maintain a close trust relationship with the client, who will find  an accurate response to whatever request he might have from the designated expert.

The organization which is divided into specialized teams in international consultancy, tax and legal allows each expert to constantly develop specific expertise in line with the ongoing market in order to ensure an high quality professional performance.

The Law Firm , furthermore, believes that this ongoing training has an immense  value which goes beyond that of investment, hence  the reason  for the creation of a research and study centre with the aim of focusing  a particular attention to the application  of the  law and case law  and the regulatory provisions.

Loconte & Partners has a close relationship with consultants and international law firms to ensure assistance to companies whishing to promote their own business to new markets worldwide.